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Handling Emergencies with Professional Ease

The most productive individuals are those who master the art of taking care of emergency situations, unexpected and unplanned, that require immediate attention to prevent serious consequences. “Fire-fighting” is the usual term for handling a crisis. “Fire-fighting” ranges from such relatively simple problems as soothing an unhappy customer to solving a major emergency production or…

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Develop Personal Leadership

It is obvious that personal leadership involves change. We may excuse ourselves from developing personal leadership by pointing to ingrained habits and attitudes firmly entrenched since early childhood; in the world of reality, however, we can see that people do change – often dramatically. It is possible to develop the art of personal leadership through…

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Tap Your Potential

We live in a world of abundance, with opportunity on every hand. We have been liberally endowed with talents and abilities, many of which we never use, and we can, through the power of choice, make ourselves whatever we want. If all people possess unlimited potential, and if the world is filled with abundance and…

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Practice Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is at the very core of success. Because it is central to gain mastery over one’s personal and professional life, you can benefit from knowing what you can do as a leader in your organization to ensure that each member of your work team develops a strong sense of self-discipline. You are responsible for…

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Living an Abundant Life

The new-found confidence that is yours from the exercise of personal leadership attracts other people. Understanding and empathy are tools that enable you to motivate others to search for their own potential and to achieve success for themselves. Just as you have learned, those whose lives you touch will also learn that the only genuine…

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Striving For Continuous Improvement

Maintaining a motivational climate sets the scene for maximizing the talents and abilities of the individuals who make up the entire organization. People who are motivated, who maintain a positive attitude toward the organization and their role in it, and who are enthusiastic about their work always look for opportunities to grow and develop. They…

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What Makes Up a Successful Team?

What exactly is meant by the word “team”? A team can be defined as “a small group of skilled people who work together toward a common goal or purpose”. The most effective teams are those that consist of no more than 20 people. If a team grows larger than that, it becomes increasingly difficult to…

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