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Living an Abundant Life

The new-found confidence that is yours from the exercise of personal leadership attracts other people. Understanding and empathy are tools that enable you to motivate others to search for their own potential and to achieve success for themselves. Just as you have learned, those whose lives you touch will also learn that the only genuine understanding is self-understanding; the only true peace is internal peace; the only meaningful motivation is self-motivation based on an attitude of positive expectancy and the conviction that we all possess limitless potential.

When you are successful, you draw vitality and strength from the abundance of opportunity that surrounds you. By setting progressively higher goals, you maintain the necessary momentum to keep yourself on a constant course of personal leadership. The practice of goal setting is intended to be a lifelong pattern. The goal setter, like all winners, is marked by the determination. A winner never quits.

Reprinted from the LMI Total Leader™ Journal published for Leadership Management International, Inc. by Rutherford Communications.

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