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Why LMI?

Proven Results Around the World

Leadership Management International, Inc. (LMI) is an internationally recognized leadership and management development firm and their proprietary process has been utilized for 50 years with proven results helping individuals and organizations enhance performance and improve productivity. The LMI concepts have spread worldwide and the processes and tools are now being implemented in more than 80 countries around the world. LMI helps individuals and organizations identify and focus on what matters most in executing desired changes that result in increased productivity, effectiveness, and profitability. Clients are businesses and organizations from every industry and profession, ranging from small entrepreneurial firms to Fortune 500 corporations. We are pleased you are considering LMI as your partner in leadership and management development.

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Unique Value

  • Robust, Spaced Repetition Application-based Process for On-the-Job Behavior Change
  • Broad Portfolio of Services for all Levels, Skills, & Challenges
  • Professional & Personal Development
  • On-site Convenience and Cost-effective Off-site Open Enrollment Options
  • Facilitation, not Teaching or Lecturing
  • Multi-Sensory Effectiveness for Enhanced Learning
  • Goal-Centric with Measured Results Linked to Business Needs
  • Company Mentoring Support for Long-lasting Results
  • Triangle of Communications™ for Increased Accountability
  • Long-term Commitment with Reinforcement Plans
  • Long-Term Development with LMI’s Total Leader® Model
  • ISO Certified Process
  • Guaranteed Results with Money Back Guarantee

We trust you will find LMI’s unique value of interest and benefit to your organization. Please feel free to ask questions! We look forward to seeing your organization unlock its untapped potential and aggressively move toward your desired results for the future.

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