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Effective Personal Productivity®

Productivity is the wellspring of success and a basic part of human nature, yet many lack the direction they need to achieve greater results.

LMI’s Effective Personal Productivity program will help members of your organization:

  • Evaluate their attitude and make productive behavioral changes
  • Set goals and achieve results
  • Increase productivity through controlling priorities
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Become a team player
  • Deal with interruptions
  • Focus on high payoff activities
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Effective Communications®

lmi7Miscommunication can cost businesses and industries millions of dollars each year. Becoming an effective communicator can be learned. It takes understanding of human behavior and communication styles. Effective communication is a dynamic process that offers long-term dividends for the life of your company.

LMI’s Effective Communications program will help participants:

  • Understand styles of behavior and various ways of communicating
  • Overcome communication barriers and improve communication skills
  • Learn the art of active listening
  • Solve problems through communication
  • Communicate in groups – from planning to presenting
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Effective Team Dynamics®

lmi8When a team works effectively and efficiently, everyone wins. A successful team is truly an example of synergy at work – that is, accomplishing more as a team then individuals could by working alone. Individuals and organizations are discovering that, if applied wisely, the practice of teamwork can bring greater success and satisfaction in all realms of achievement – personal and professional.

LMI’s Effective Team Dynamics program helps team members:

  • Develop high-performance teamwork
  • Work together to achieve team goals
  • Assume responsibility and accountability
  • Handle challenges through team communication
  • Create mutual trust, support, and collaboration
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Goal-Driven 101!™

Teamwork equals successThis goal setting workshop introduces participants to the fundamentals of goal setting, developing a robust plan of action identifying key steps for successful implementation, and tracking and measuring success.

Half-day Workshop objectives include:

  • Generating a Master List of Goals
  • Identifying Goals from the Wheel of Life
  • Writing SMART goals
  • Completing a Goal Planning Sheet
  • Developing a Plan of Action
  • Creating metrics and tools for measuring progress
  • Setting priorities for achieving results
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Effective Personal Management®

lmi14This time management training system increases productivity through effective personal management. To take control of your life: plan and organize effectively, set and achieve goals, and live a balanced life.

Full-day Workshop objectives include:

  • How to find an additional two to three hours per day to work on the highest and most important priorities in your life
  • How to increase your productivity by 15 – 20 percent
  • How to gain control of your personal and professional time by scheduling your priorities
  • How to reduce stress levels by practicing the four steps of proactive self-management
  • How you can balance all areas of life and have time for the things you value most
  • Learn the fundamentals of using our My-Tyme® Success Planning system
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Social Style®

This interpersonal communication workshop includes a personal assessment – an easy to use tool for learning about the participant’s behavioral interpersonal communication preferences as well as their degree of versatility. This workshop can be offered in various formats to meet your needs.

Workshop objectives include:social-style-authorized-reseller

  • Develop insight into personal behavior strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve productivity by understanding the four social styles: Driving, Expressive, Amiable, and Analytical
  • Identify participants’ style and degree of versatility
  • Learn how to flex or modify style in order to increase interpersonal effectiveness
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